“When Coach Kap came over to Oakton he brought over the mental side of the game with him as well. One of the things that stuck with me was when he brought a plastic toilet into the dugout with the phrase “flush it” on it. That was big for me because that symbolized letting things out of my control go and I think that helped me stay in the game better and helped better my performance.” 

— Joe Rizzo

2016 50th Overall Pick in the MLB Draft



"All my life I thought playing baseball was mainly physical until I started learning the mental skills introduced to me by Coach Kaplan. He taught our team to "control what you can control" and "Process over Outcomes", and this not only made our team mentally tough, and accomplish incredible goals, but it ultimately made us more positive when playing the game. 

No matter the score, whether the game was close or we were behind, we had a positive mindset that gave us the mentality that we would win no matter what. 

During my senior season we went on an incredible run winning the Conference and Regional Championships. Looking back, it wasn't just the physical skills and talent that led us to victory, but it was our mental toughness that separated us."

— Owen lamon

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"I didn't realize how important the mental side of the game was until I began playing for Coach Kap. The successes of the Oakton Cougars Basebal team would never have been achieved without the mental conditioning and approach he brought to the players everyday, on and off the field.

He has already dramatically changed the way I go about my business, but I still continue to go back to him today because he knows what it takes to win and bring out a player's maximum abilities - using your mind."

— Toma Shigaki-Than

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