Alex Bregman's Relentless Confidence

The ink is still drying on Alex Bregman’s $100 Million contract with the Houston Astros. Not bad for a guy whose career started 0 - 17 before he got his first hit.

How can someone with stand an 0 - 17 which quickly became a 1 -32? RELENTLESS CONFIDENCE.

Alex Bregman uses Self-Talk and Visualization to maintain the feeling that he’s the best player in the world no matter what happened in his last at bat or is last game.

Stats and analytics may show that Bregman isn’t the best player in the world, but he doesn’t care. He carries himself in that manner, he acts it, and therefore he begins to feel it.

Confidence is a choice, and Bregman chooses to believe he is the best player in the world. Where does this belief come from? In his own words, “I trust my prep, I trust he work that I’ve put in. I remind myself what’s on the back of my baseball card.”

Here’s what’s on the back of his baseball card:

All Star 2018

World Series Champion 2017

World Baseball Classic Champion 2017

5 Time Team USA Member (High School, College, Pros)

3 Year Starter at Shortstop at LSU where he was an All-American

He’s had success every step of the way and he wasn’t going to let a little slump stop him from being confident in the Big Leagues.

Check out this video of him talking to a group about his Confident Self-Talk when he hits.

For more great insight to Bregman’s mindset check out his interview on Collin McHugh’s “Twelve Six” Podcast.

Ben Kaplan