Evan Longoria's Mental Conditioning

What if I told you a three time All Star, Gold Glove, MVP Candidate uses the same Mental Conditioning Skills we use here at D.M.C.?

Longo Breathe.jpg

The link can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIx2nhsO5iU&t=2s

Former Tampa Bay Rays Franchise Third Basemen Evan Longoria (who was traded to the San Francisco Giants last season) struggled for years with the mental side of baseball. He went un-recruited out of high school, before beginning a journey of cast off to 1st round pick. While in college he began to work with one of the icons of Mental Conditioning Ken Ravizza, who began working with Evan on developing his mental skills. Watch the video below to hear Evan's story and listen for some of our cues here at D.M.C.

-Being Present.

-How to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

-Failure is unavoidable

-Routines such as breathing techniques and the "Focal Point"

" If I make an error in the field, or swing at a pitch in the dirt at the plate, and I really feel like I’ve lost control of either my emotions or the at-bat, that’s when I step out and look at the top of the left field foul pole.” 

For me my favorite part is at the end when Jeremy Schaap asks him:

"Do you think there will be a day when you don't need a focal point? Where you don't need the mental exercises that you do?"

Longoria doesn't even pause before he says, "NO."

The skills we hone here at D.M.C. will require repetition and execution. We are all works-in-progress, we are always in the pursuit of our peak performance. 

Ben Kaplan