My Story

My name is Ben Kaplan, and as a high school baseball player I was paralyzed by performance anxiety.

When the game started, my heart rate increased, my palms got sweaty, and my confidence went running in the opposite direction. My fear of failure and fear of letting people down derailed my high school playing career.

Luckily, I had the opportunity to play College Baseball where I was exposed to the theories and philosophies of Sports Psychologists  Brian Cain, H.A. Dorfman, and Ken Ravizza. These philosophies saved my playing career by arming me with strategies to combat my performance anxiety.

I began to realize that my fears and anxiety didn't have to control the way I played. Of course, they were a part of my performance, but I was now equipped with strategies and routines to help me play at my highest level.

Once my college career ended in 2009, I became a coach, spending two years in Division 1 Baseball, and the rest of the time at the High School level. As a baseball coach  my main focus has been on teaching the Mental Game just as much as the physical.

Armed with routines, strategies, and techniques to help athletes no matter what sport they play I will help today's athletes reach their peak performance!